Electric Feels at Metro Music Hall

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Metro Music Hall | Salt Lake City, Utah

Electric Feels

Get your going out shoes on! Because Electric Feels on Sunday 12th May 2024 will be coming to Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. Everybody knows that this show will be the highlight of the spring. Your only problem is trying to be get tickets, they have been selling out superfast! Fortunately, we do have a handful extra. So be sure to grab them right here with the alternative being that someone else gets to them first and enjoys what you are supposed to.

If your number 1 goal is buying tickets to see Electric Feels in May, and you should prepare ASAP. It's a magnificent show and seats are selling out! The show will take place for spring, 2024, It'll be a sell-out for sure, make sure you have tickets now! Take the day off: Sunday 12th May 2024. Luckily it's going to be held at a really fabulous location, the best for this sort of event in the entire city! Surely you’ve heard of it, the smashing, Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Electric Feels has not only pioneered a phenomenal experiential party straight from Los Angeles but has also gained recognition for their unique blend of indie heaven.

Their parties are connect fans with the tunes they cherish, with superior DJs and epic stage production. Electric Feels parties have a lively following of nearly 30,000 fans - evidence for their impact on the music scene!

Metro Music Hall is a venue all its own, all who have gone say it has a majestic atmosphere, there is an abundance of food and beverage vendors, the parking is easy and with lots of it and overall its quite unique, there is a lot to be said from many world-class reviews!

The event will be taking place on Sunday 12th May 2024 if you want to be sure you get seats on the evening, you will have to book in advance, scroll up and click ‘get tickets’ to book!

Electric Feels at Metro Music Hall

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