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Metro Music Hall | Salt Lake City, Utah

La Femme - Band

Alternative music band La Femme - Band is giving you the opportunity to join them at the Metro Music Hall on Tuesday 19th November 2024 for a one-night performance. Tickets are available now but are limited, so purchase yours and secure your spots. La Femme - Band is the inexplicable band that is loved for their innovative style, creating music that defy the expectations of music, making new sounds. La Femme - Band is stoked to be performing and are ready to make an evening that will be epic, so make sure you are there and get your tickets now for Tuesday 19th November 2024 at the Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah and take your invitation without regret.

Alternative music - it's a vibe, but imagine the thrill of watching your favourite alternative rock act live? We are pretty sure you've heard about La Femme - Band back on tour for fall, 2024, but were you planning on going? Well, one special Tuesday night in November you could actually get down to business! La Femme - Band is down town.....the Utah, Salt Lake City stop of the tour means you can easily get access!

La Femme, comprised of members like Clémence Quélennec and founding figures Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée, gained recognition with their debut album "Psycho Tropical Berlin" and continue to innovate with their most recent album "Paradigms". They have remastered their charm with the reissue of the "La Femme Ressort" EP, resounding with fans across the globe.

Check out the reviews, it's so well equipped AND its in the best spot in town! Metro Music Hall you wont be stuck for choice! And relax your evening on Tuesday 19th November 2024 is in safe hands down at Metro Music Hall, it's the leading place for alternative music! With its prime location at 615 West 100 South in downtown Salt Lake City, this venue epitomizes the perfect blend of history, vibe and contemporary amenities. For further specifics such as seating capacity and amenities, audiences are advised to contact directly to the Metro Music Hall.

Do you really want to go see the unsurpassed La Femme - Band this November, so lets crack on and get you booked in! Time is of the essence! Follow the 'get tickets' button to grab your access to see the leading alternative act of today!

La Femme - Band at Metro Music Hall

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