Miss May I at Metro Music Hall

Miss May I Tickets

Metro Music Hall | Salt Lake City, Utah

Miss May I is back on tour for fall, 2022, the concert will be much to the delight of anticipating fans and so many would dream about this experience…and you could attend in person one Tuesday in September! Just imagine! The magnificent Miss May I is renowned for being the greatest pop act around, you'll be able to watch a live show on Tuesday 13th September 2022 in Metro Music Hall Salt Lake City, Utah…..the much loved stadium! If you want to attend, we can supply the tickets…scribble a list of your Miss May I friends and click the tiny 'get tickets' icon on this page!

Pop singers have a thing for playing amazing concerts, lots of pop lovers sometimes choose the LIVE over recorded songs, because think of it….That atmosphere, is there anything more incredible? Well, the supreme POP act on the scene, Miss May I has just announced an all new tour for fall, 2022 and it looks like the stuff of legends…..fans are too excited! It doesn't seem like we can have a moment that we don't see something about the amazing Miss May I….taking over social media, Spotify keep throwing the tracks at you and everyone else seem to love Miss May I just as much as you do! Sounds like you need a taste of the magic this Tuesday in September! Picture it! The most exciting night in pop this year will take place at Metro Music Hall, Utah, Salt Lake City on Tuesday 13th September 2022, tickets can be purchased straight from this page, simply click the small 'get tickets' icon that you see on this page!

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