Soen at Metro Music Hall

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Metro Music Hall | Salt Lake City, Utah


Deadly songs are about to scatter all over Salt Lake City! Hardcore metal enthusiasts fall in step because Soen is scheduled to play live at the Metro Music Hall on Saturday 8th June 2024. Everyone will be completely engrossed by this live show that is the zenith of this iconic bands highly anticipated tour launching this summer and extending the entire June. This unyielding act will showcase the metal rock collective famous for their top-ranking hits and outstanding stage presence for the past generation. On this wild evening of metal frenzies, harden your resolve as Soen serves their explosive setlist, which contains a few of their freshest tracks stemming from their recent record. Acknowledged as one of history's supreme metal artists, they will promise an intense time! Make your way to the iconic Metro Music Hall, and frolic in the fiercest rock concert in all of Utah! Hurry up, as passes are disappearing fast! Conquer the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by purchasing your spots now!

Why settle for plain music venues when you could live REAL heavy metal at the Metro Music Hall, the most-epic hardcore venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. The best hardcore metal bands play breathtaking events from their stage, because it has everything that metalheads like you demand. Imagine being in a wide-open space to dance all night, having your choice of refreshments from the fully stocked bar, and experiencing an atmosphere that’s just right for the leading face-melting performances. Metal fans can’t go wrong by visiting the Metro Music Hall for all of their metal needs.

Soen at Metro Music Hall

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